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Exploring the 22 Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life

A series of 6 Weekends and 6 evenings (Tors.) planned for the Autumn of 2003

STARTDATO: Tors. 18 September k.19-22 & Weekend 20-21 September, kl.10-17
STED: Copenhagen
PRIS: 9.000Dkr.
TO REGISTER: Deposit of 2000kr. & 5 monthly installments of 1500kr.

The amazing tarot cards have many uses and purposes. This Wisdom book is capable of showing us, and putting us in contact with the various worlds that co-exist alongside the everyday personality, with its physical, emotional, mental and intuitional levels.

The 22 Trump cards are linked with the 22 Pathways on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is a diagram of Creation and a practical working method for creating increased unity between the various parts of ourselves.

Pathways are the means that different areas of our life and psyche, are joined together, producing bridges of energy communication. This means that when we work on a pathway and its related tarot image, we are in fact communicating with that part of our psychic make-up.

The Kabbalah is the mystical dimension that is the basis for the secret teachings of the Jews, Christianity and the occult traditions of the West. It is a body of esoteric knowledge that has been passed down the generations by schools of the soul, and that includes astrology, tarot, numerology, alchemy, magic, ritual, symbols & symbolism, myths & mythology, plus modern psychology.

We work with the Tarot cards which have their origin in the Tree of Life, and for this we recommend Crowley's Thoth cards, which have been designed to convery the greatest understanding of the Kabbalah in their symbolism.

The simple aim of the teaching and training is to increase soul-personality integration and to assist each person in living out more of their creative potentials. Meditations and visualizations will form a natural part of each workshop, plus individual and group exercises in tarot.These workshops offer the right balance of information and stimulating experiential activities to produce our School of Living Kabbalah!

Derek first established the School in Copenhagen in 1999 and several groups of students have gone through the training. Would you like to deepen your studies in KabbalisticTarot? If so, please join us and book today!

The 22 Keys to Self-Mastery

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