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Transforming Your Inner Dragons
Turning personality fear patterns into personal Power
2½-Day sommer Workshop – Hørsholm

DATO: fre. 15 juni 2007 kl.18-21.30 & Weekend 16-17 juni kl.10-17.30
STED: Livets Hus, Holmetoften 8, 2970 Hørsholm - www.livetshus.dk
PRIS: 1700Dkr
TO REGISTER: Max: 12 participants, to secure place senest 1. juni deposit kr. 400 (non-refundable).
Contact Catherine - tlf: 40 71 01 15 or Derek: +45-23 81 76 18

The focus of the workshop is the 7 dragons – how they block your growth, and how you can transform them to gain maturity and meet your potential.

You cannot transform yourself unless you personally face your own fears. This is no easy task, but it is absolut- ely required for any personal breakthrough.
Facing fear often means looking at the dark, shadowy side of yourself – not to feel guilty or shameful, or to punish oneself, but to release the potential vitality locked up within oneself.

The summer heat of june brings us into contact with our Inner sun – are you ready to find the keys in “Livets hus”?

Are you Warrior – or Worrier?

When you defeat your dragons you will:

  • Be more present;
  • Have all your energy available to you to make choices;
  • Have the power that comes form being truely at peace for the first time;
  • Be happy;
  • Be a magnet and role model for the people around you.
The Dragons are the most worthy opponents you will Ever meet. They exist to make us strong, loving and a Vehicle of transformation.
A Dragon is like a parasite or virus that lives with us, but is not who we are.

Our challenge is to Transform the Dragons that try to live with us and take over our power.

You will meet them all on the workshop, and each person Will be provided with the “weapons” necessary to success- Fully master those Dragons that have got you by the Throat!
These tools will help you deal more effectively with both Crises & change, and utilize your will and imagination to Create a more authentic lifestyle.

Dragons are actually Master teachers, and in the end you will have their wisdom to use to help not only yourself, but others. Join our Revolution for personal renewal!



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