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4 Weekend Workshops

STARTDATO:Fre. 7 September 2007 kl.19-21.30 & Weekend 8-9 Sept. kl.10-17
PLACE: Livets Hus, Holmetoften 8, 2970 Hørsholm www.livetshus.dk
PRICE:  1700 kr. Each Workshop. Total: 4 Workshops ?6800kr.
TO REGISTER: Deposit of 400kr. (non-refundable) to secure place ?max 16.
Catherine tlf: 40 71 01 15 or Derek: 23 81 76 18

Workshop 1: Fre. 7 Sept. & Weekend 8-9 Sept. 2007
Workshop 2: Fre. 19 Oktober & Weekend 20-21 Okt.
Workshop 3: Fre. 23 November & Weekend 24-25 Nov.
Workshop 4: Fre. 7 December & Weekend 8-9 Dec.2007

This is Part 1 of an exciting new 4-Part Training in Therapeutic Tarot. During the 2006 season students in both Denmark & Norge completed their studies of this first-ever education of its kind in Scandinavia.
It is important to remember that we shall be working with deeper levels of the Tarot, and therefore students commit themselves for all 4 Workshops & not just individual weekends. The focus of our training is personal self-development within an evolving group process, plus professional training in the therapeutic use of the Tarot cards, together with the evolution of your counselling skills.
Hooray! Welcome to an incredible Journey of Self-empowerment!

  • Are you excited by working with the Tarot cards, but would like to add a new dimension to your readings? Do you want to go further than just “one-off readings?and explore the many deeper psychological aspects that the imagery of the cards invite you to do?
  • Are you ready to open to tarot’s magical world and so make greater contact with your own hidden resources and see new possibilities?
  • Does the goal of communicating with these inner figures & symbols excite you? And would you like to introduce others into this magical world and take them on meaningful journeys into their inner landscape?
  • You will learn how to read the therapeutic levels within the cards, and how to offer your clients a variety of self-help tools that will catalyze the integrative forces within them.
  • Are you ready to learn new communication skills and so unfold your counselling abilities?

If “YES?to all this, then sign up today with no delay, because we are max. 16 people taking part in this new, exciting creative 4-Part Training in Professional Therapeutic Tarot.
Are YOU one of those new Tarot Therapists?

The Tarot is a powerful and versatile tool in therapeutic work. It is a map that can guide us during periods of change and personal growth. Tarot triggers dialogue with the deeper self, and when used by an experienced therapist, can energize the intuition & creative imagination so that inner states can be more directly experienced. The symbols serve as guides to help us focus on what to work with. When Tarot images are visualized and used as starting points for creative imagery or meditation, they act as catalysts in the development and integration of qualities which may be vital to the client’s well-being.
Tarot is accessible to everyone. It is a simple, direct and rapid means of receiving guidance. It is an old system of knowing the divine. Statistically, the majority of people consulting a tarot reader do so for matters of guidance in love & career. These essential areas are but two of the many, many areas that the Wheel of Tarot exposes us to. And our key to working with THERAPEUTIC TAROT is to seek to express a more “real?authentic Me!

Tarot is especially useful in determining how to proceed when we feel blocked or unclear about what the obstruction is, and how to bring about change.
The cards “choose us? rather than us choosing them, which illustrates every experienced Tarot reader’s experience that they are a magic mirror, reflecting our internal states of being. Personal change is guided by visual symbols that correspond with internal and external experience.

Different Tarot decks carry different energy or emphasis. When the same card represented in different decks appears, this will provide another way of working or coming into the specific personal issues. Derek works with the Crowley-Thoth deck, Universal Waite, BOTA, Arthurian Tarot, Inner Child deck etc. So please remember ?ALL Tarot decks will work!

And as we work with the Tarot, we may set up a dialogue with a specific image; the issues become clarified, perception expands, attitudes shift, vague feelings become more focussed, and ambivalent attitudes resolve as blocked energy is released through exploration.
Tarot can really help us address our individual inner dualities. Also, opposing tendencies in our personality, are often combined in the card-symbols, so these images can catalyze the integrative forces within a person. Tarot as an integrative process builds people up and puts them back together with a new sense of wholeness. Tarot helps us to manage and direct changes creatively rather than merely survive them. THERAPEUTIC TAROT will empower you! Your experience of Tarot will be revolutionized upon these unique Workshops!

The 22 Major Arcana represents 22 Keys to Self-Mastery. They are powerful symbolic images, visual representations of archetypal energies. Their use in creative visualization exercises and as focal images in meditation can have a profound effect. Symbolic identification with an archetypal representation aligns the conscious and unconscious fields of an individual with the universal creative field within which this image has its source. Eventually, the individual psyche becomes more and more tuned to its vibration. This channel between this energy and the individual opens. The individual can then draw on this energy, setting up the corresponding vibrations within their personal energy field. It is this symbolic identification that is used effectively in the therapeutic process.

If we have a client who is experiencing a block in creative self-expression, we may start working with Key 3: THE EMPRESS, because She can prove quite effective in helping us realign the creative flow. We might be encouraged to “gestalt?with the Tarot image ?we may use Affirmations to bring us into contact with what we want more to experience or become - we might find ourself making some form of “ritual? in order to bring the imagery we see “alive? and into our physical reality ?or we may be given papers & pens to draw what we experience - we may be led on a guided imagery exercise with this image or another one of the cards ?we might use the techniques of Psychosynthesis as we explore our subpersonalities, or work on a synthesis of opposites. And each card will suggest different exercises that are appropiate for us to do as individuals and as a group. It is a wonderful self-discovery Journey! And - It is also enjoyable and fun to work in these creative ways!

You will learn how to read this therapeutic level within the cards, and how to experience this dimension by acting out what we contact. Join us! Welcome!

Derek R. Seagrief - www.seagrief.com
Tarot Master, Astrologer, Therapist, Artist, Writer, Teacher of a wide range of Personal development Disciplines & Focaliser of Western Mystery Traditions.
Derek started working with Tarot & Astrology in 1969 and came to Denmark in 1978. Since then, he has been educating many thouands of students in a creative use of symbol systems. Leader of “The School of Living Kabbala?



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Niels Frederiksens All?4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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