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Working with Kabbalah & Tarot

6 Weekend Workshops in
Livets Hus, Hørsholm 

Exploring the Tarot pathways on
the Tree of Life

School of Living Kabbalah 2008 ?8th. Season

STARTWEEKEND:fre.4.Jan. kl.19-21.30 & Weekend 5-6 Jan. Kl.10-17
STED: Livets Hus, Holmetoften 8, 2970 Hørsholm www.livetshus.dk
PRIS: 1700Dkr. pr workshop
TO REGISTER: Latest by 15. December 2007. limited to 16 participants. Deposit of 1000Dkr. (non-refundable). Then 2400Dkr. to be paid with first workshop and 1700Dkr. for the following 4 workshops.
Den Danske Bank: Account: Derek Seagrief Sort Code 3361 ?Account: 31 27 15 22 76 For International transfers: IBAN DK683000 3127152276

  1. Workshop 1 - Sphere 10: fre.4 Jan. kl.19-21.30 & Weekend 5-6 Januar kl.10-17
    The Kingdom of Earth ?Malkuth & its Pathways

  2. Workshop 2 - Sphere 9: fre. 8 Feb. & Weekend 9-10 Februar
    The Mysteries of Yesod & the Kingdom of Dreams

  3. Workshop 3 - Sphere 8 & 7: Hod & Netzach: fre. 28 Marts & Weekend 29-30 Marts
    The Kingdoms of the Intellect, Feeling Life & Fire

  4. Workshop 4 - Sphere 6: fre. 18 April & Weekend 19-20 April
    The Beauty of Tiphareth ?The Kingdom of the Sun

  5. Workshop 5 - Sphere 5 & 4: fre. 9 Maj & Weekend 10-11 Maj
    Geburah & Chesed ? The Kingdoms of Will & Love

  6. Workshop 6 - Sphere 3-2-1: fre. 13 Juni & Weekend 14-15 Juni 2008
    The Supernal Triangle of Binah, Chokmah & Kether ? The Kingdoms of the Mother, Destiny & the Divine

The Kabbalah is the mystical dimension that is the basis for the secret teachings of the Jews, Christianity ansd the occult tradition of the West.
It is a body of esoteric knowledge that has been passed down the generations by schools of the soul and includes astrology, tarot, numerology,alchemy, magic and ritual, symbols & symbolism and modern psychology.

It is based on the diagram known as the Tree of Life which is used a “map?of stages and levels of consciousness. With its 10 spheres & 22 connecting pathways, our journey into Kabbalah is a unique system of personal exploration & development. It allows us to examine all aspects of ourselves –our personality, with its physical body, mind & emotions, and our individual souls and universal spirit.
The Tree of Life is a mirror image of the cosmos and like all mandalas, is a tool that can be studied & used by us for greater knowledge & self-expression.
To accomplish this we shall be working with the 22 Major Tarot Keys, which have their origin in the Tree of Life.
Recommended for the training is the Thoth-Crowley tarot deck which are designed with the Tree of Life in mind & convey the greatest understanding of the Kabbalah.
For many centuries the images on the Tarot cards have been used as a system of magical work & training. Today we call this “pathworking?and as we work on the different cards & levels of the Tree, we are working upon the different aspects of our psyche.

The simple aim of the teaching & training is to increase personality-soul integration and assist each person to realize their creative potentials.
Throughout the training the importance of practice will be emphasized ?for this is the School of Living Kabbalah.

The 6 workshops are open for all who feel passionately drawn towards working in such ways, desire a training and want a deep exploration of their spiritual roots. Our individual & group process becomes increasingly a conscious movement towards a glorious future, as we make and shape the outer reality like our inner world. Welcome to our 5 year celebrating Tarot & Kabbalah!

The training is limited to 16 participants and becomes a closed group after the first workshop. Committment is for all 6 workshops, and not just one or more weekends.
The focus is upon individual self-development & our group evolition within a loving and alchemically self-contained environment.
The teaching & printed Compendium for students will be in English but Derek understands Scandinavisk and students are encouraged to express themselves in whatever language is comfortable and natural.

Katja Mikkelsen will be assisting Derek during the weekends & will naturally help also in language. Katja is a tarot reader, psychotherapist & student of Kabbalah. Born in Copenhagen in August 1961, she has worked with personal development the last 15 years, simultaneously with her work as leader in the IT field.

Workshops - Overview


Niels Frederiksens All?4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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