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The Arthurian Tarot & Hallowquest

1-Year's Journey

Welcome to the magical world of King Arthur and the rich mythology of the Celtic Mystery Traditions.

In 1990, the beautiful Arthurian Tarot deck was first published by Caitlin & John Matthews, authors of over 60 books. For the last 10 years, Derek has been teaching the Arthurian Tarot throughout Scandinavia and been leading several group tours "In the Footsteps of Merlyn" to Arthurian Britain, where myth, symbol and ritual are combined in a magical adventure moving through the landscape. This work has now culminated with Derek being inspired to offer in Denmark a 12-month Hallowquest for dedicated Seekers!

You start a 1-Year's Journey, with a mixture of self-study, group work and ritual out in the Nature. We meet twice a month (Onsdag evenings) plus two Saturday and two Sunday 1-Day outdoor gatherings.

And we start with the Winter solstice, as the Sun enters the earth sign of Capricorn in December 2002. We follow the path of the Sun and the Cycle of the Seasons. These 4 seasons which we work with are ruled by the Guardians of the Inner Court of Arthur - Merlyn, Lady of the Lake, Queen Guinevere & King Arthur. Each of these Guardians is companioned by other Tarot companions who guide the Seeker further into the inner landscape. Your quest is an adventure into deep inner landscape & the mystery of your own being.


Working with the unfolding cycle of the year is an essential feature to this course, and this is because these images arise from the depths of a tradition which conveyed its teaching through story and symbol.

We start in the depths of the winter at the Northern Gate of the Tarot Wheel, arrive at Spring (Eastern Gate), move into Summer (Southern Gate) and finally experience the Autumn (Western Gate). This represents an Initiation Cycle reflected in the Mystery of the changing Seasons.

The symbolism which governs the whole pack is that of the Hallows or sacred objects of the Quest.

To the Christian Seeker, the object of the Quest is the Cup of Christ or the Holy Grail - but to the ancient Celts there were 4 sacred objects, The Sword (Air), the Spear (Fire), the Grail (Water) and the Stone (Earth). This fourfold elemental correspondance is the true spirit of the Arthurian Mysteries, but also central to our understanding of the tarot. It is by working on these 4 sacred objects within ourselves that we restore the Hallows or sacred treasures to our earth and activate them once more. Manifesting the Hallows is the responsibility of us all.

We will begin our studies with the Winter Season. The Stone Hallow represents the traditions and oracle of Wisdom preserved as a secret treasure safe for all.The following cards are worked with: The entire Stone Suit (Earth Element) from the Stone Hallow (traditionally the Ace) to Stone 10, representing the Stone Castle, and aided by the Stone Family, the King & Queen, the Stone Maiden and Stone Knight. Companioned by Taliesin, the great poet & preserver of the ancient memories of the roots of time, (Key 5)we learn from the Grail Hermit (Key 9), encounter the washer at the Ford (Key 13), the Celtic vision of Death, and receive the initiation of the Star (Key 17). The Stone Hallow is guarded by Merlyn (Key 1).

Having completed all these cards during the Winter Season, we move onto the Spring Season, guarded by the Lady of the Lake (Key 2) and the entire Sword Suit. Companioned by the White Hart (Key 6), we learn from the Round Table (Key 10), we encounter the wisdom of the Cauldron (Key 14) and experience the illumination of the Moon (Key 18).

This is a time of new beginnings as we start new works which have been contacted over the period of Winter. The Sword of Will & Purpose is grasped firmly in the hand as we demonstrate our confidence in our Quest.

After our Spring Season, we work with the Summer and the Spear Family, under the Guardianship of Arthur himself, and complete the year with the Autumn season, corresponding with the Grail Cup and Guinevere.

The recreation of these inner landscapes is a potent method of exploring our lives and reattuning ourselves to our true desire and purpose. By these means, we simultaneously create pathways by which the living reality of the archetypes of these cards can manifest within our world. It is this two-way exchange which is at the heart of the Arthurian Mysteries - and here we see the personal and universal application of Tarot images. Without these qualities, the images do not step off the cards into the imagination, and unless they do so, the tarot is a worthless system. The mythic Arthurian world opens 78 doorways through which we can pass, to meditate, divine and seek guidance of the characters & landscapes of the quest. What we do with the knowledge we have gained is for us to decide, but whatever choice we make will profoundly affect the landscape of our lives.

The course of study involves meditation, visualisation, entering inner landscapes, & exploring the card's personal relevance. The course is designed for students who are interested in relating the deep truths of the Arthurian legends to their own unfolding spiritual development and to their daily commitment to imaginative living.

"Ancient Guardian of the Land.
Take us gently by the hand,
Show us your vision, show us your art,
Show us the wisdom of your heart.
Keep faith with the Seeker."

STARTDATO: ONS. 4 December 2002 kl.19-22
24 Onsdag sessions & 4 1-Day Weekend Meetings:
(2). ONS. 11 Dec. (3). ONS. 8 Januar 2003; (4). ONS. 22 Jan. (5). SØN. 26 Jan. (6). ONS.5 Feb. (7). ONS.19 Feb. (8). ONS. 5 marts (9). ONS. 19 marts (10). LØR. 22 marts - Spring Equinox (11). ONS. 2 April (12). ONS. 16 April etc.
Full listing of dates upon request
Max. 16 students
PRICE: 6,000 kr. (including study material)
TO REGISTER: Payment of 1500kr. before 1st. December 2002, then 3 installments of 1500kr.

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