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DATO: Workshop1: fre. 4 maj 2007 kl.19-21.30 & Weekend lør. 5 maj kl. 9-ca.18 & søn. 6 maj kl.10-17
Workshop2: fre. 20 juli 2007 kl.19-21.30 & Weekend lør. 21 juli kl. 9-ca.18 & søn 22. juli kl.10-17
CONTENTS: 2?days to explore, process and integrate keys from the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot
PLACE: Livets Hus, Holmetoften 8, 2970 Hørsholm www.livetshus.dk
For directions ring: Catherine on 40 71 01 15. Bus 150, 200S etc. stop 2 minutes walk from Center. PRICE:  1700Dkr. for each workshop (Includes all painting materials, plus refreshments and study papers on tarot. Please note: we recommend you bring a light lunch during the 30-minute lunch-break.) Note: If you wish to participate in both workshops , then there is a 400kr. reduction so 2 workshops costs 3000kr.
TO REGISTER: Inform Derek of your participation as soon as possible due to space limitations. Deposit of 400kr. (non-refundable) to be placed into: Den Danske Bank, Reg. Nr. 3361, Konto: Derek Seagrief ?31 27 15 22 76

Paint with your hands using strong, clear water-based colours on life-size paper ?and dialogue with your inner landscape which contains many evocative tarot images. Contact & express a whole range of emotions in a safe environment, and develop new insights and resources.
Learn how to effectively communicate with your personality blockages ?and experience the evolving group process that assists you in going through - and out onto the other side! Experience the wonderful energies of increased Freedom & Liberation! Paint and Meet your deep inner core self!

Paint & Meet Your Inner Tarot ?Mød og Mål din Indre Tarot

This workshop is designed for everyone ?yes, everyone! No background in painting, or knowledge of Tarot, or personal self-development is necessary. All that is required is a willingness to work deep and remain honest with oneself, staying open to share this within a group process.

Language will be a mixture of English & Danish. Be prepared for powerful self-revelation. This is because the paintings are used as a magic mirror of our inner & outer states. You will be surprised and deeply moved by what you experience. Come and have some fun and enjoy an inspiring workshop of self-empowerment!

The workshops are not a presentation of the wisdom of all the 78 tarot cards, But - we do focus upon going into depth with 3-4 Major Keys or Trump cards, with appropiate individual & group exercises to illustrate the archetypes that we are working with. The workshop unfolds a very living group dynamic!
Our methods of work make it unimportant which tarot deck is preferred to work with, as the images each person creates on the workshop are intensely personal.

What for example, is my relationship to the feminine power of “The Priestess ?Key 2?within me, or my attitude towards authority & leadership ?“The Emperor ?Key 4? Or, how do I deal with the opportunities for change in my life as re-presented by “The Wheel of Fortune ?Key 10 ? or “Death ?Key 13? or “The Tower ?Key 16? What is my shadow side or “Devil ?Key 15?and my own “Lovers ?Key 6?

Your relationship with Tarot will be forever transformed after this workshop! Come & Join us for two powerful healing experiences in Maj & July this year!

Welcome to Livets Hus, to Liberating Painting as you
Paint & Meet Your Inner Tarot!!

Derek Seagrief ?Introduction:
Derek has been presenting this dynamic workshop throughout Scandinavia for the past 10 years. During 2006 it has been successfully presented 3 times in Norway as a 2?Day residential Workshop. And now in Hørsholm!

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Niels Frederiksens All?4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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