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Initiation into the Celtic Mysteries of

2 Weekends at Livets Hus, Hørsholm
with Derek Seagrief
Part 1: 9-11 Marts & Part 2: 11-13 Maj 2007

STARTDATO: Fre. 9 marts kl.19-21.45 & Weekend 10 & 11th. marts kl.10-17
DATES: Part 1: Fre. 9 marts kl.19-21.45 & Weekend 10 & 11th. marts kl.10-17.
Part 2: Fre. 11 Maj kl.19-21.45 & Weekend 12 & 13th. Maj kl.10-17
STED: Livets Hus, Holmetoften 8, Hørsholm, www.livetshus.dk (Bus 150S, 200S etc. just 2 minutes from Livets Hus)
PRICE: 1.700 kr. for each part, 3.400 kr. for both
TO REGISTER: Deposit of 500kr. for each part (non refundable)
CONTACT: Derek - Mobile: 23 81 76 18; Email: derek@seagrief.com


Everybody knows something about King Arthur, the magician Merlyn, and the Knights of the Round Table searching for the Grail. Stories of Adventure, of Magic and Love are the basic stuff of Arthurian Tradition, which draws its energy from many sources.

It continues to speaks to the hearts & minds of men & women today because it stirs the creative imagination ?and yet the real reason of its importance is because it provides a complete journey to Wholeness & Freedom ?the stories which make up these legends contain the basic teachings of a Mystery School, its tests, trials and initiations.

King Arthur is shown as King of Light, The Wounded King and the Sleeping Lord, and the various characters in Arthur’s Celtic Britain, his Queen Guinevere, the magician Merlyn, the Lady of the Lake, the Grail Hermit, the Goddess of the Land, the Knights & Ladies of the Round Table, faery spirits and Otherworldly people, plus the 4 Holy objects, called the ? Hallows? represented by The Sword, the Spear, The Grail Cup & the Wisdom Stone ?which are all part of the inner Quest which is within each one of us. Christianity tends to only identify with the Grail Cup and not the other 3 sacred objects, yet all 4 are symbols of the 4 Elements (fire, air, water & earth).

The mythic stories and adventures from Arthurian Legends are deep psycho- logical & practical spiritual realities that can inspire us, as they have inspired many over the centuries, providing a series of doorways into personal trans-formation and greater livingness.

Are YOU ready to take your Seat at the Round Table and search for the Grail within?
Are YOU ready for Initiation into these Celtic Mysteries, that form part of an Eternal Wisdom Tradition?
Do YOU want increased Magic in your life? If YES ?then join us today!

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Niels Frederiksens All?4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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