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Derek offers a wide selection of Lectures & Workshops. More details of each subject can be made upon request? here is a brief selection:

  1. Exploring Your Inner Landscape - working with Subpersonalities.
  2. Dear Mother & Dear Father - exploring our Family patterns.
  3. The Astrology of Love, Sexuality & Relationships (Part 1).
  4. The Astrology of Relationships (Part 2) ? Synastry & Composite charts.
  5.  Dealing with the Shadow (Part 1) - looking at Saturn, Pluto & Chiron.
  6. Dealing with the Shadow (Part 2) - looking at 4-8-12th. Houses & Aspect patterns.
  7. Chiron - The Wounder Healer - sign, house & aspects.
  8. The Astrology of Death - Face to Face with the End.
  9. Pre-Natal Astrology - Conception, Pregnancy & Birth.
  10. The Astrology of Addiction & Abuse.
  11. The Psychology of the 4 Angles of the horoscope - ASC-DES; MC-IC axes.
  12. Dealing with Crises & Change - the transits of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.
  13. The Heroic Journey - Cycles of Becoming in the Life - Mars thru to Pluto transits.
  14. Dynamic Chart Synthesis - putting it all together.
  15. The Sun-Moon Midpoint - Looking at the Inner Marriage.
  16. The Midpoints of the 4 Quadrants - and the Hero's Journey.
  17. Astro-Therapy - Enter the magical astrological circle. Guided visualizations.
  18. Astrology & Alchemy - in symbols & practise. Historical & modern applications.
  19. The Basics of Medical Astrology - Healing through the horoscope.
  20. The Astrological Keys to the Bible - Old & New Testaments.
  21. The Astrology of the 7 Rays.
  22. Kabbalistic Astrology - working with the Tree of Life.
  23. Spiritual Astrology - an exploration of the soul's purpose. Karmic patterns.
  24. Karmic Patterns - Part 2 - keying out past lives.
  25. The practise of Astrological Counselling.
  26. Mundane Astrology - the Astrology of Towns, Cities & Nations.
  27. Psychological v. Predictive Astrology - an investigation.
  28. The Pluto Generations - Pluto in the signs from Gemini through to Sagittarius.
  29. Looking at 100-year horoscopes: the 20th. & 21st. Centuries.
  30. The Astrology for the New Year of 2003 - Uranus entering Pisces & Saturn in Cancer.
Tarot & Western Mystery Traditions
  1. Exploring the Tarot - The Thoth/ Crowley deck.
  2. Exploring the Tarot - The Arthurian Tarot.
  3. Exploring the Tarot - The 22 Keys of Self-Mastery.
  4. The 16 Court or People cards & Jung's types.
  5. The 4 Suits of the Tarot & the 4 Elements.
  6. The Sword & the Cup - creative use of the Will & Imagination.
  7. Introduction to the Marriage of Tarot & Astrology.
  8. Exploring the Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life.
  9. Who was Aleister Crowley? - Prophet for the New Age.
  10. The Cube of Space & the 22 Hebrew Letters & Tarot Keys.
  11. In the Footsteps of Merlyn - The role of the Trickster & Magician.
  12. King Arthur & The Knights and Ladies of the Round Table.
  13. The Path of Initiation as shown through the Arthurian Legends.
  14. The Path of Initiation as shown through Esoteric Christianity.
  15. The Legends of the Green Knight & the challenges of the Otherworld.
  16. The Arthurian concept of Woman & its relevance today.
  17. Healing the Wounded King - exploring the Father archetype.
  18. Ancient British and Celtic Mysteries.
  19. Exploring the Mysteries of Eternal Egypt.
  20. Pharaoh Akhenaton - Egypt's Revolutionary Lover - Who was he?
  21. The Magical Symbols of Ancient Egypt.
  22. The Art, Science & Celebration of Alchemy & Magick.
  23. Who was Hermes - the god of the ancient Arts & Sciences?
  24. The Ancient Greek gods & goddesses - what can they tell us today?
  25. Scandinavian mythology and the New Age of Aquarius.
  26. Temple Landscape - an investigation of Egypt, Ireland, Israel, & Europe.
  27. The Chakra systems of Copenhagen-Oslo-Stockholm.
  28. Introduction to the Kabbala - the 10 Spheres of Creation.
  29. Introduction to the 22 Shining Paths on the Tree of Life.
  30. The Devil, Death & the Alchemist - the 3 pathways that lead to soul awareness.
Psychological & other themes
  1. Transforming Your Inner Dragons - turning personality fear patterns into personal power.
  2. The Creative use of the Will & the Imagination - Part 1.
  3. Communication between the Masculine & Feminine Worlds - Part 2.
  4. Psychosynthesis - Psychology with a Soul - what is it & what can it do?
  5. The Conductor of the Orchestra: Looking at the role of Will in our lives.
  6. The Challenge of Love - the different types of Love & Relationships.
  7. Effective Decision Making - Your Choice!
  8. How to Visualize and Meditate.
  9. Mother and Daughter workshop.
  10. Father and Son workshop.
  11. Symbols, Symbolism & You - Developing the Eye of Light.
  12. The symbols of Freemansonry - an investigation.
  13. Spirit, Soul & Body - what do we mean by these terms?
  14. The World Teacher: Looking at Christ & the Buddha - East & West.
  15. William Blake - Artist, Poet, Visionary & Prophet of a New Age.
  16. Slide lecture: Nicholas Roerich - Russian painter & Messenger of Beauty.
  17. Slide lecture: Journey through our Solar System - from Earth to the Stars.
  18. Slide lecture: Great Painters reveal the 5 Initiations of Jesus the Christ.
  19. Slide lecture: the Hero's Quest as painted by the great Masters.
  20. Slide lecture: The Temple traditions of Ancient Egypt.

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Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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