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Exploring Eternal Egypt

17-Day Magical Adventure with Scandinavian Group
Lør. 2 Okt. - Man. 18 Oktober 2004
Berit & Derek Seagrief
in cooperation with Stjerngaard Rejser A/S

We have put together what we believe is an amazing journey, that explores both inner & outer dimensions, as well as taking the group to experience the very heights & depths of Egypt - Alexandria in the north & Aswan and the wonderful healing temple of Isis at Philae in the deepest south. And then there is the magical wonder of all that lies in-between!

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The interest for this trip has been positive even before we have sent out any publicity - and at this time of writing, we have already reached half our number of travellers who have committed themselves. Would YOU like to be among our group?

The group will be 25, including Berit & Derek, and if you are interested in joining, then we will gladly send you a more detailed schedule of the 17-Days Adventure.

Here are just some highlights to enjoy:

  • Sunrise Ritual by Great Pyramid, with entrance into the King's Chamber;
  • The 8-Step Pyramid of Meidum & the Fayum Oasis with its Lake for Baptism;
  • 2-Days filukka sailing on the Nile from Aswan to Luxor; visiting the temples of Kom Ombo, the Horus sanctuary at Edfu;
  • Group Ritual work at sacred sites; time for meditation & silence;
  • 4 Days & nights at a unique Retreat Center a desert oasis run by Christian Copts;
  • Healing experience at the Isis temple on the island of Philae, and Elephantine;
  • Accomodation at 5-Star Luxury hotels including the famous Old Cataract at Aswan with Nile views and drinks on the terrace;
  • Experience the colourful bazaar's of Cairo, Aswan & Luxor;
  • Enter into the presence of the incredible Karnak temple complex dedicated to the city god Amum with its huge sacred lake;
  • The beauty of the Luxor temple & its avenue of sphinxes;
  • The Valley of the Kings, plus Queen Hatsepsut's futuristic masterpiece carved into the rock cliffs of the West Bank;
  • Explore the abandoned mystical capital city of Aton, Pharaoh Akenaton's & Queen Nefertiti's religious experiment of the 18th. Dynasty;
  • Make a pilgrimage to Abydos, dedicated to King Osiris, with its unique 7 sanctuaries;
  • Dance on the huge flat roof tops of Hathor's temple at Dendera, where the goddess of music & joy was celebrated. See also the famous round Zodiac of Dendera;
  • Enjoy the Sakkara necropolis with King Zoser's famous step-pyramid and the nearby stunning Red Pyramid;
  • Experience the city of Alexandria & the new modern library that has arisen from the ashes of the famous Library that was burnt by Alexander the Greek.
  • Make attunement with Egyptian gods & goddesses and experience their relevance today in your life;
  • Experience the evolving group consciousness as we travel from deep south slowly up the Temple Landscape of Egypt, arriving at the very crown for our final days!

An unforgetable journey & experience into the Land of Eternal Light!

A more detailed brochure is available on request, with full information regarding payment etc.

The total costs for our 17-Days is: 15,600 Dkr.

A deposit of 3000 Dkr. is required to secure your place as one of the 25 Keys of Light, as soon as possible.

Request more information if you would seriously enjoy to be part of the group now forming. We have only a few places left!

If you would like to be a part of our future tours to Egypt or Arthurian England, then please contact us for further information.


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