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Exploring the Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life

In 1999 Derek started the "School of Living Kabbalah" in Denmark, where the main focus has been the 1-year course, "Exploring the Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life".

The material worked with during these intensive series of inspirational weekend courses over the past 3 years is now being made available to a wider audience. It has been redesigned to meet the requirements of an exciting new Correspondance Course that integrates the Tarot cards upon the Tree of Life with its 10 Spheres and 22 Pathways.

Each of the 22 Pathways provides the connection through which different areas of our psyche are joined together, producing bridges of energy communication. And each of the 22 Major keys of the Tarot find their placement upon one of these pathways. Each tarot image is the symbol of the journey that will eventually produce a fusion of both ends of the pathway.
For most persons the Tarot and the Kabbalah represent two completely different symbol systems - and yet the truth is that the tarot cards, the full deck of 78 cards, originated in the Tree of Life. The Tree is a diagram of Creation - and the inspiration behind our Western Mystery traditions.

It is a wonderful working method for creating increased unity & wholeness and Derek has dedicated more than 22 years living with these concepts and bringing them into a form of teaching that enables all sincere students to enjoy the simplicity and richness of the subject. There is a great synthesis at work within this Correspondance Course which brings together the disciplines of a great variety of occult sciences - tarot, Kabbalistic teachings, modern psychology, astrology, numerology, magic, alchemical studies, angelic invocations, healing, visualization & meditation.

Would you like to discover and work upon your own pathways? Do you have not only the interest to study the deeper spiritual aspects of the Tarot & the Tree of Life, but some training in any of these areas?
Do you like to go deep - and are persistent to hold the focus over several months? Then this is absolutely the Course for You!

How is the Course constructed?
There is a total of 33 Lessons, divided into three groups of 11 Lessons. Each Lesson consists of mimimum 15 and maximum 25 pages of text.

You receive each Lesson via your personal Password on the Net. Study material can then be printed out from our own computer. For those wishing to receive each Lesson by normal postal services, we shall add on post & printing chargs to the cost of the Lesson.

Part 1 deals with the realms of the Personality and Spheres 10 - The earth plane (Malkuth), Sphere 9 - The unconscious (Yesod), Sphere 8 - Mind (Hod) and Sphere 7 - The Feeling Life (Netzach).
Part 2 deals with the Soul levels of the Tree and soul-personality fusion, focussed around Sphere 6 - The Heart of the Tree (Tiphereth), Sphere 5 - Will (Geburah) and Sphere 4 - Love (Chesed).
Part 3 deals with the Spiritual Trinity at the top of the Tree, the 3 Supernals of Sphere 3 (Binah), Sphere 2 (Chokmah) and the Crown itself, Sphere 1 (Kether). Also included in this section will be the mysterious hidden 11th. Sphere (Daath).

If you are interested to join, but would appreciate further detailed information as to the exact contents of each Lesson before you make up your mind, then please send us a mail and we will provide a full listing of the subjects that we explore during the Course.

Is not all this information available in the many books
available on the market?
Much knowledge can be gained by reading some of the wonderful books, both old & new, on the subject of the Tree of Life and The Shining Paths - and a suitable Booklist will be recommended when you start your journey.

Yet what makes this Course so special is that it doesn't exist anywhere else in this unique form! The Correspondance Course is therefore presented in an original and mature form - not just a collection of interesting informations, but a true living synthesis that leads students quickly into the core issues of the Tree, the pathways and their personal relationships with the energies represented by these areas. Many complex concepts can be made easier when a teacher shows you the Path - then your task is to work and experience that Pathway. What this practically means is that you are expected to produce a written response to the questions that you will be asked at the end of each Lesson.
This anchors your perceptions and deepens your understanding of the material. Your tutor then responds to your answers and provides feedback, so that the unfolding process is both exciting and challenging. Derek's experience is available to you as a companion guide & friend along the Path.

What will this cost?
Students can take the first Lesson at the Introductory price of 200Dkr. which includes a personal report by your tutor in response to your written report.
Your report is essential if you are to go further in the Course. Each subsequent Lesson has exercises & related questions, followed up by your tutor's response. The next installment is from Lesson 2 through to Lesson 5 (5 lessons at 220Dkr.each) and this costs: 1100Dkr.
The final installment of 1100Dkr. is for Lesson 6 through to Lesson 11 (5 lessons at 220Dkr) which completes Part 1 of the Course. Total Costs for Part 1 (11 Lessons): 2,220Dkr.

Parts 2 & 3 have an identical price structrure. Full details about payment will be sent when you register.

I am really interested and want to join - what do I now have to do?
First, enclose a recent photo with your initial payment of 200Dkr. (International students contact us for prices in your country) and then answer the following simple questions:
  1. Full name, address & telephone number.
  2. Current Occupation.
  3. What previous experience have you in these areas of Tarot or Tree of Life, and Visualization?
  4. What would you describe as your major strength and major weakness?
  5. Why do you want to join this Course?
  6. Please share with us any other information that you feel is relevant to your applicaton to join the Course.
All personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We really look forward to Welcome you on this inspirational Journey - be with us - Join today!


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Niels Frederiksens All?4    DK-2610 Rødovre    Denmark
Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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