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Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot
- A Self-Discovery Adventure using Astrology, Tarot & Visualization

Contents of the Course:
Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot

Part 1
Lesson 1 thru to Lesson 10

Lesson 1:
(a). The Fool (Key 0), and the planet Uranus. Exercise: Principles of Freedom, Courage & Wholeness.
(b). The Star (Key 17), and the sign Aquarius.?Exercise: Self-Trust & Revelation.
(c). Looking at Uranus & Aquarius on your birth chart, plus the transits of Uranus.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles, including the "Pyramid Spread" which ultilises all 78 cards.
Lesson 2:
(a). The Magician (Key 1), and the lanet Mercury.?Exercise: Principles of Communication & Timing.
(b). The signs of Gemini & Virgo, together with the tarot cards - The Lovers (Key 6), and The Hermit (Key 9).
(c). Looking at Mercury, Gemini & Virgo in your horoscope.
Lesson 3:
(a). The Priestess?Key 2), and the Moon.?Exercise: Principles of Memory & Intuition.
(b). The Chariot (Key 7), and the sign Cancer.?Exercise: Principles of Movement, Receptivity & Will.
(c). Looking at the Moon and the sign of Cancer in your horoscope. The progressed Moon's aspects for 12 months translated into tarot imagery.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 4:
(a). The Empress (Key 3), and Venus. Exercise: Principle of Imagination, Love with Wisdom.
(b). The signs Taurus & Libra, and their tarot cards? The Hierophant (Key 5) & Adjustment/Justice (Key 8).?Exercises: Principles of Learning, Teaching, Cooperation and Realignment.
(c). Looking at Venus, Taurus & Libra in your horoscope.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 5:
(a). The Emperor (Key 4), and the sign Aries.?Exercise: Principles of Reason & Personal Power.?/DIV>
(b). The planet Mars, symbolised by The Tower (Key 16).? Exercise: Principle of Letting-go, De-structuring old forms?amp; Renovation.
(c). Looking at Aries, Scorpio & Mars in your horoscope. The transits of Mars.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 6:
(a). The planet Jupiter?amp; The Wheel of Fortune (Key 10).? Exercise: Principles of Opportunity and the Law of Cycles.
(b). The sign Sagittarius linked with the tarot - Art/Temperance (Key 14).?Exercise: Principles of Integration & Alchemy.
(c). Looking at natal Jupiter & the sign of Sagittarius in your horoscope. Plus the transits of Jupiter, past, present & future.?/DIV>
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 7:
(a). The planet Saturn & The Universe (Key 21).? Exercise: Principle of Wholeness & Completion.
(b). The sign of Capricorn & The Devil (Key 15).? Exercise: Principles of Fear & Bondage, Sex & Humour. Identifying the Shadow and our resistances to greater Livingness.
(c). Looking at the sign of Capricorn & Saturn's natal placement in our horoscope. The transits of Saturn.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 8:
(a). The Sun and the tarot Sun (Key 19). Exercise: The Principles of Creatrive Joy & Teamwork.
(b). The sign Leo and the tarot card - Lust/Strength (Key 11).?Exercise: The Principles of Strength & Passion.
(c). Looking at the sign of Leo & the Sun's natal placement in your horoscope.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 9:
(a). The 3 transpersonal planets - Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - and their links to the tarot Fool (Key 0), The Hanged Man (Key 12), and The Aeon/Last Judgment (Key 20).
(b). The planet Neptune linked to the sign Pisces, The Hanged Man & the tarot Moon (Key 18).?Exercise: Principles of Choice, Illusion, Romance & Authenticity.
(c). The planet Pluto, the sign of Scorpio and The Aeon/Last Judgment.?Exercise: Principles of Judgment & Rebirth.
(d). Looking at the transits of Neptune & Pluto related to your horoscope.
(e). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles.
Lesson 10:
(a). The 9 Constellations. All the 78 tarot cards are linked to the first 9 Tarot Keys.
(b). Finding your Name Number & Destiny or Birth Path Number.
(c). The Astrological Chain of Command - looking at your Dispositor structure.
(d). Working with tarot layouts that focus these principles, including the "Destiny Spread", using the 22 Major Keys and two sets of tarot decks.


Part 2
Lesson 11 thru to Lesson 22

Lesson 11:
(a). The 22 Keys to the Tarot and the 11 "Pairs" of cards. Looking at various ways of pairing up the cards, including the inner marriage, masculine-feminine polarities, and the 6 zodiacal polarities eg. Leo-Aquarius polarity and the tarot Lust-The Star, or Leo-The Fool.
(b). The essential diagram of the Tarot: 3 rows of?7 cards. An investigation.
(c). Exercise: You will be asked to choose one vertical row of 3 cards to work with, and give examples of how these cards interact and find expression both in your own life and within your environment.
Lesson 12:
(a). Working with the Chakras - and correspondances to Astrology and the Tarot.
(b). Healing through the Tarot - (1). Looking at signs & planets connected to specific parts of the physical body. (2). Looking at special areas of our horoscope requiring more attention i.e. missing elements, or planets by "singleton", in detriment by sign, or focal planes in T-squares, aspect patterns etc.
(c). Exercises & tarot layouts designed to bring forth healing and realignment.
Lesson 13:
(a). The 3 Great Gates of the Zodiac. Working with the Cardinal Cross - the signs of Aries (The Emperor), Libra (Adjustment/Justice), Cancer (The Chariot) and Capricorn (The Devil).
(b). Working with the Fixed Cross - the signs of Taurus (The Hierophant), Scorpio (Death), Leo (Lust/Strength), and Aquarius (The Star).
(c). Working with the Mutable Cross - the signs of Gemini (The Lovers), Sagittarius (Art/Temperance), Virgo (The Hermit) and Pisces (The Moon).
(d). Exercises: The Cross of Power-Will, Love-Wisdom & Creative Intelligence. The trinity of Head-Heart & Brow Centers.
(e). Exercise: The Psychology of the 4 Angles in your own horoscope.
Lesson 14:
(a). Attribution of the 56 Minor Cards & the 16 Court or People Cards to the Zodiac Wheel.
(b). Each of the 12 signs is divided into three 10-day cycles of decans, to each of which is allocated a tarot card. Finding your Minor Card Significator.
(c). Each Minor card has an astrological correlation in the Crowley deck. For example - if you were born the last part of Leo (August 11-22, 3rd. Decan), your Minor card becomes the 7 of Wands. This is Mars in Leo, which then translates back to the 22 Major Keys as Mars-the Tower and Leo-Lust/Strength.
(d). Meditations on these correspondances.
Lesson 15:
(a). The Fire Element & the Family of Wands - Correspondances with Aries (2-3-4 Wands); Leo (5-6-7 Wands); and Sagittarius (8-9-10 Wands).
(b). The Earth Element & the Family of Disks - Correspondances with Taurus (5-6-7 Disks); Virgo (7-8-9 Disks); and Capricorn (2-3-4 Disks).
(c). The Air Element & the Family of Swords - Correspondances with Gemini (8-9-10 Swords); Libra (2-3-4 Swords); and Aquarius (5-6-7 Swords).
(d). The Water Element & the Family of Cups - Correspondances with Cancer (2-3-4 Cups); Scorpio (5-6-7 Cups); and Pisces (8-9-10 Cups).
Lesson 16:
(a). The 4 Aces and the 4 Quadrants of the Horoscope.
(b). A deeper psychological investigation of your 4 Quadrants.
(c). The 8-fold Wheel and the Midpoints of your 4 Quadrants.
(d). The Hero's Journey - working with natal planets/transits on your Quadrant midpoints.
Lesson 17:
(a). Introduction to the Astrology of the 16 Court or People cards.
(b). Looking at the sequence of Knight-Queen-Prince-Princess in the Wand Family.
(c). Knight-Queen-Prince-Princess of Cups.
(d). Knight-Queen-Prince-Princess of Swords.
(e). Knight-Queen-Prince-Princess of Disks.
(f). Tarot layouts to illustrate working with these principles.
Lesson 18:
(a). Review of the Fire Element-Wands Family. Correspondance with planets, signs, Major & Minor cards. The Tarot cards: The Sun-Tower-Wheel & Aeon/Last Judgment (planets); Emperor-Lust-Art/Temperance (signs); Ace through to 10 Wands.
(b). Exercises and meditations.
Lesson 19:
(a). Review of the Water Element-Cups Family. Correspondance with planets, signs, Major & Minor cards. The Tarot cards: Priestess-Tower-Hanged Man (planets); Chariot-Death-Moon (signs); Ace through to 10 ups.
(b). Exercises and meditations.
Lesson 20:
(a). Review of the Air Element-Sword Family. Correspondance with planets, signs, Major & Minor cards. The Tarot cards: Magician-Empress-Fool (planets); The Lovers-Adjustment/Justice-The Star (signs); Ace through to 10 Swords.
(b). Exercises and meditations.
Lesson 21:
(a). Review of the Earth Element-Disks Family.? Correspondance with planets, signs, Major & Minor cards. The Tarot cards: Hierophant-Hermit.-Devil (signs); Empress-Magician-The Universe (planets); Ace through to10 Disks.
(b). Exercises and meditations.
Lesson 22:
(a). The Number Sequence and the Dance of the Archetypes.
(b). The first card shows The Fool (Key 0 or 22) dancing on his merry way, an ecstatic Dance of Life, while the last card, The Universe (Key 21), ends yet also begins a new sequence with a Dance that includes all of Life.They are the Begining and the End, and between Alpha & Omega, is the entire Universe.
(c). Introduction to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which is the primarly source of origin for the Tarot cards.
(d). The Marriage between Astrology, Tarot & the Tree of Life.


Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot - Overview

School of Symbols - "SOS"

Exploring the Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life

Correspondance Courses - Overview


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