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Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot
- A Self-Discovery Adventure using Astrology, Tarot & Visualization

The Tarot cards are symbolic keys whose function is to open up the psyche to new ideas, feelings and possibilities - just as Astrology does. And both systems use images that conceal and reveal their mysteries according to our ability to make attunement with these worlds. So the deeper we can make the journey into their world, the more they will awaken true contact with the soul.

Astrology defines very clear personality types and provides very precise information. Both systems can be rational and intuitive - yet the Tarot images work best upon activating their association with our unconscious. And so to help us achieve this marriage between Astrology & Tarot, we shall enter a marvellous journey of personal development and transformation involving meditation and visualization exercises.

As you travel through this series of 22 well crafted Lessons, you will be learning the language of the unconscious, allowing your outer and inner selves to co-exist in a growing state of harmony and balance, with each contributing with the other for a fuller and richer life. The symbols and images from Astrology & Tarot will help identify your hidden motivations, your creative powers, and to understand the mysterious inner forces that affect our daily lives. As we work through each Lesson, the creative interaction between these two symbol systems will become a source of great personal delight and inspiration.
Join us today & start your unique Journey on this great Wheel of Life!

How are the Tarot cards & Astrology connected?
The 78 Tarot cards are divided into two groups - the 22 Major Keys or Trump cards, and the 56 Minor Keys, which are the origin of our modern playing cards.
  • These 22 Trump cards represent the 10 planets and the 12 zodiacal signs.
  • The 56 Minor Keys are then divided into 4 Suits representing the 4 Elements (Wands/Fire; Cups/Water; Swords/Air & Disks/Earth), with 10 cards in each elements from Ace (1) through to 10, making 40 cards in all.
  • The remaining 16 cards are called Court cards or People cards because they depict 16 psychological types, which are composed of a mixture of the elements. These 16 cards are not numbered, yet follow a distinct sequence starting with the Knight/King (fire), then the Queen (water), Prince (air) & Princess (earth).
  • The entire deck of 78 cards can be related to the 12 signs and their decans or 10-degree areas on the zodiacal wheel.
  • Apart from this basic structure of the Tarot, astrological symbolism is shown throughout the imagery on the cards, such as the lion in the Strength/Lust (Key 11) showing obvious correlation with the sign of Leo, or the association of the Death card (Key 13) with the sign of Scorpio, or the fiery planet Mars with the Blasted Tower (Key 16).
What is the goal of this Course?
The purpose of this Course is to develop the inner dialogue, by using visualization techniques, together with the rich symbol systems of Astrology & Tarot. Both use the language of symbols and imagery and deal with archetypes, patterns and numbers - and both use the Wheel of Life.

As far as I know, there has never been any Correspondance Course like this ever offered on the Web - so this is also an exciting experiment for your tutor too!

What is "distant education"?
Distant education is ideally suited for students who for financial, geographical or other reasons, cannot attend regular group based courses.
One of the best things about such work is that, supported by personal tuition, you can really take the time to integrate what you learn into your life.
Students will receive their lessons via the internet (with a personal code to gain access), where you can then print out the Lesson for closer study.
Those not having access to the web can arrange to have lessons sent to them - but please note that for this service an extra fee for postage & printing will be added to the Lesson.

Will I have a personal Tutor?
Yes - and this is what make the course so living, personal and unique! From start to finish, the companion friend on your travels is your tutor - Derek Seagrief - who will monitor your unfoldment and give comments. The lessons and Derek's feedback will be given in English, yet students in Scandinavia can write in their own languages.

How will this self-discovery Journey be achieved?
How is the Course constructed?
There is a total of 22 well designed Lessons, consisting of a minimum 15 pages and maximum 25 pages for study. At the start of the Course you provide your full birth details, so that your birth horoscope and current planetary movements can be charted, enabling you to get personal & accurate feedback to your written reports. All personal information shared on the Course will be treated in the utmost confidentiality.
  • Each Lesson contains clear instructions linking a particular area of Astrology with the Tarot.
  • Each Lesson includes several practical exercises linking your birth horoscope with tarot images.
  • Each Lesson includes visualization exercises to help familarize yourself with the material and so stimulate your inner landscape. Cassette recordings of guided visualizations will also be included in your Lessons, making your involvement both living and personal.
  • Each Lesson involves tarot layouts that bring out the significance of the material you are working with.
  • Wriiten reports at the end of each Lesson are required before moving onto the next stage. This can be made via e-mail or normal post. Response is made to your reports by your tutor, who provides continuing companionship and guides your unfoldment.
  • From the start, you will be asked to keep a Psychological Journal of your work with the exercises and the material from each Lesson. This is a very valuable part of the Course and you will be very happy for your involvement with the Journal as time unfolds.
  • Part 1 of the Course is from Lesson 1 through to Lesson 10, which places the focus upon the 22 Major Keys, planets & signs. From Part 2 of the Course, Lessons 11 through to 22, the work involves more advanced astrology and an exploration of the 56 Minor Keys.
Can you give me an example of the Lessons?
In Lesson 1, we start our Journey with The Fool, Key 0, who is linked with the planet Uranus. The exercises you will be asked to work with involve the themes of Freedom, Courage & Wholeness.
Developing this, we explore Key 17 - The Star, which is linked with the sign of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus. The exercise here is linked with the theme of Revelation in the dark.
From this point in the Lesson, we look at the placement of Uranus & Aquarius on your birth chart, and how you personally experience these themes.

The next stage is looking at the transits of Uranus - in the past, present and future - as it contacts your planets or personal points eg. Ascendant or Midheaven, in order to illustrate the quality of your risk-taking Fool energies. Your tutor will help you find out when Uranus in transit has aspected planets in your horoscope - which is the purpose of having your birth details.

The last part of the Lesson involves being introduced to Wholeness by working with all 78 cards in tarot layouts like the Pyramid Spread.
Each Lesson will have such richness and be a good balance between theoretical knowledge and experiential work.

The final stage of each Lesson involves your written report, which serves to anchor your experiences, thereby helping to integrate the material, and then receiving feedback from your tutor in an exciting ongoing creative & nurturing relationship.


Can I join for just a few Lessons?
This is a pay-as-you-go education, so the answer is "yes". You determine the tempo and how long you want to participate and receive the Lessons. However, after your 2nd. Lesson, you will be asked to commit yourself to paying for the next 4 Lessons - Lessons 3 through to Lesson 6.

This is not just an economical decision, but a committment to work with the psychological material that comes up because of the stimulation of your psyche. In a teaching situation, this containment offers each student a better working momentum, building on the earlier stages, and a more responsible attitude towards energies released by your activities.

- Each Lesson is complete within itself. The first 10 Lessons form Part 1 of the Course and focus upon working with the 22 Major Keys, planets & signs. - From Part 2 of the Course, Lessons 11 through to 22, our work broadens out and involves ultilising the 56 Minor Keys, and more advanced astrological correlations eg. working with Number sequences & the Dance of the Archetypes; the 4 Angles of your horoscope & the 3 Crosses; pairing up the cards & signs into male-female & zodiacal polarities; Healing through the Tarot by looking at special areas of our horoscope needing attention - missing elements, focal planets, singletons etc.

Do I need to be an Astrologer or
already a Tarot student to join the Course?
Whatever your background, you will be learning astrology and tarot in new and exciting ways! So if you have just started your studies in one of these areas and wish to go further, it helps you to know that each Lesson is constructed in such ways that you will be taken through the material, your horoscope and the appropiate tarot cards with clear instructions.
The responses from your tutor will also be available to help maintain right focus throughout the Course.

Naturally, some previous experience in astrology, tarot or the ability to visualize will guarantee greater enjoyment with the unfolding process - but anyone can join the Course and receive the Lessons to work with.
The main focus of the entire Course is upon bringing these two working systems into alignment. The next main goal is bringing you closer into a living experience with this wonderful material!

Do you recommend any particular Tarot deck to work with?
All tarot decks will work, but for this Course we do recommend two decks - Aleister Crowley's Thoth deck and the Universal Waite set. It would be good that students purchase both decks before the start of the education.


Click here to get the Contents of the Course Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot


What is the price of the Lessons?
The first Lesson - (including Introductory Booklet, 60-minute cassette recording of the first 2 visualizations, plus personal tuition) - PRICE: 350Dkr.
All registration outside of Denmark, please contact us for International prices.

The second Lesson costs 300Dkr.
To join the next stage, you will have to commit yourself for the next 4 lessons i.e. Lessons 3 through to Lesson 6.

The price for Lessons 3 to 6 is: 1000Dkr.
This is a reduction as each Lesson now is priced at 250Dkr.
Included in this payment are your next cassettes with guided visualization exercises.

The price for the next four Lessons 7 to 10, remains fixed at the same price: 1000Dkr.
This completes Part 1 of the Course and the total costs are: 2650Dkr.

The costs of Part 2 - Lessons 11 through to 22 (12 Lessons) is similiar to Part 1.
Full details of payment is sent to you when you register.

How can I register?
To register you need to send a recent photo and full birth details - day/month/year/place of birth & local time of birth.
Secondly, we ask your response to three basic questions:
  1. Your current occupation.
  2. What previous experience,( if any) you have in these areas of astrology, tarot & visualization.
  3. Why you want to join the Course.
  4. (Optional) Provide any additional information that you feel is relevant for us to know before the start of your Journey.
Thirdly, enclose a check (or International Money Order) for 350Dkr. which is your registration onto the Course, and includes your first Lesson, Introduction Booklet & cassette tape, sent to your address.

All Information & to Register: Derek R. Seagrief - Consultant Astrologer & Tarot Master.


Contents of the Course Astrology & the Wheel of Tarot

School of Symbols - "SOS"

Exploring the Tarot Pathways on the Tree of Life

Correspondance Courses - Overview


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Home phone: +45 3297 3318    Mobile: +45 2381 7618   
E-mail: derek@seagrief.com

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