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Exploring Eternal Egypt
33 Lessons with Exercises ?Each Lesson circa 30 pages

There are 33 individual Lessons to this Correspondance Course ?Exploring Eternal Egypt.

Each lesson has been specially prepared and costs 150Dkr.

PRICE: 150Dkr.per lesson (including personal tuition/feedback) ?Total: 4950Dkr.
Please note that postage is extra.
When you register, Lessons 1 & 2 will be sent (In Denmark: costs will be 350Dkr. including p&p)

Lessons have a minimum of 30 pages, and a maximum of 60 pages, including specific personal exercises linked with the subject material. You pay for each Lesson and the personal feedback from your tutor, when you respond to the questions that are linked with each topic.

Material is printed and posted to you, and a small additional charge is added for postal costs.
Welcome to a unique training in the Egyptian vibration!

  1. Introduction: Egypt the Eternal Land of Light +
    The Temple Landscape: the River Nile, Egypt’s chakra system & the division of the country into 42 Nomes or districts.
  2. Pyramid Power ?the 10 Pyramids of Northern Egypt.
  3. Creation Myths: The Birth of the Gods ?the 4 main Teaching Centers; Heliopolis/Memphis/Hermopolis/Thebes.
  4. The Egyptian universe of Gods & Goddesses.
  5. The Holy family of Osiris-Isis-Horus.
  6. Teaching on Twins ?Exploring the conflict between Set, the principle of Opposition & Horus, principle of Unity; a visit to the Dual Temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated Light & Dark.
  7. The Pharaoh & his People ?including a look at some of the greatest Pharaohs, Tuthmosis, Seti, Ramses, Amenhotep etc.
  8. Place of Pilgrimage: Abydos ?The Mysteries of Osiris.
  9. The Mysteries of Isis ?Temple at Philae
  10. The Horus Gods ?from the child to Horus the Elder ?and the Temple of the Sun god Horus at Edfu.
  11. Egyptian Symbols & their meaning ?Part 1
  12. Egyptian Symbols ?Part 2
  13. Number Symbolism in ancient Egypt.
  14. The City of the Sun ?Heliopolis, the Benben & Obelisk.
  15. The walled City of Memphis ?The Holy Family of Ptah, the Master Builder, the lion-headed Sekhmet & Nefertum.
  16. The City of the Hundred Gates ?Thebes, with its city god of Amun, his wife Mut & their son Khonsu.
  17. The Temple of Man ?Luxor Temple.
  18. Alignment to the Heavens ?Karnak Temple.
  19. Hermopolis ?City of Thoth ?Hermes Trismegistos teachings.
  20. Denderah ?Hathor, Mistress of Dance, Music & Astrology.
  21. The Star Wisdom ?Egyptian astrological views ?making contact with The Shining Ones.
  22. The Sphinx as the Guardian of the Mysteries of Egypt.
  23. The Fixed star Sirius and its role in ancient Egypt.
  24. Anubis, the Necropolis and the practice of Mummification.
  25. The birthplace of Alchemy ?the 2 lands of Khem.
  26. Akhenaton & Queen Nefertiti ?The Amarna revolution.
  27. Tut-ankh-amun.
  28. The Egyptian Book of the Dead ?The Coming forth by Day.
  29. The Duat or Egyptian Underworld: the 12 Hours of Night.
  30. Exploring the Valley of the Kings & Queens.
  31. Abu Simbel & the Great Temple of Ramses 11.
  32. The City of Alexandria & the Great Library.
  33. Comparison between Biblical teachings & ancient Egypt.

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